Two Social Networks? In This Economy?


The past few months (M.b.) has improved its support for Mastodon and thanks to Space Karen doing what he does best, I've been following more and more people from there as they join via M.b.

This has led to my timeline being busy which is good, but the way people post on Mastodon is very different to M.b. Threads (write a damn blog post please), posts with content that warnings (which rightly in my opinion M.b doesn't support), boosts (again not supported on M.b.), as well as hashtags have made the timeline feel messy and disconnected from the rest of M.b.

Enter is a service that has a whole bunch of features, one of which is a Mastodon instance for users, As a side note, until the end of the year it's only $5 a year (going up to $20 in 2023) so now is a good time to sign up.

One thing that had put me off signing up on any given instance is what if it shuts down because most of them are free and although some have Patreons, I'm not sure that's a sustainable model for smaller instances in the long run. Because is linked directly to a service I'm paying for I feel confident it's not going anywhere any time soon.

After asking on M.b about how people use both I made the decision to cross-post everything to Mastodon, keeping M.b as the source of truth. This has worked pretty well the past week, although I did hit some cross-posting issues of my own doing but I should be able to iron these out as I go. I'm also boosting some posts on Mastodon and may even do a bit of shitposting from time to time.

I don't really have a conclusion here other than I'm using both things for now. I might even checkout Pixelfed at some point.

If you want to follow me you can do so on or on But probably don't follow me on both lest you see every post twice.