Three Years of Hemispheric Views Feedback


I recently started listening to the Hemispheric Views podcast and decided I would go back to the start and listen to the 74 previous episodes that I hadn't listened to. I wrote down all my feedback. I started this endevour on the 17th of May and finished the last episode this morning. Jason agreed to this:

We will take any feedback, 3 years old or otherwise haha

In total I listened to just over 58 hours of main show and over ten hours of the one prime plus dot com member show. About ten episodes in I started singing the theme song to Baby Knight.

Main Show

A phonebox with the words criminal damage graffitied on it

A phone box in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh skyline at night

The Edinburgh skyline at night

Two wine glasses with the Pantheon in the background

Having a drink in front of the Pantheon

one prime plus dot com member show

Me at 4 in Cyprus