Thoughts on the iPhone 5S and 5C


So Apple had their iPhone event. iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C. Nothing particularly surprising but interesting nonetheless.

iPhone 5S

The same solid design of the iPhone 5 with an improved camera, A7 chip and fingerprint scanner system called Touch ID. Touch ID is the feature I'm most excited about. Not because I find inputting a pin code "cumbersome", as Phil Schiller said, but because I don't have to enter my password for iTunes purchases. And according to Jim Darymple, it works well:

I went through the process of adding my fingerprint to the 5S and then unlocking the phone using the fingerprint. It’s pretty seamless to do, just following the onscreen instructions.

The 5S comes in three colours, including the now-infamous "gold". From what I've seen of it, this isn't some flashy over-the-top monstrosity but a more subtle gold finish. I still won't be buying a gold one though.

The camera has a lot of improvements including video recording at 120fps, a new burst mode for capturing action shots and a dual LED flash to "light your subject perfectly".

iPhone 5C

The 5C is more or less an iPhone 5, with a slightly bigger battery and plastic back. It comes in five colours and you can get a hideous case for it, if you so choose.

The interesting part about this model is it's not "cheap" per se. Yes, it £80 cheaper than the 5S but that's still not what I would call cheap. But it's cheap enough that it'll likely be free on most contracts in the UK.

Taking a quick look around some carriers websites today, I can't seem to find a mention of the 5S, but the 5C is on all the home pages. It seems to me that this is the phone they're going to be trying to sell over the 5S for obvious reasons.

iWork, iMovie and iPhoto

From now on, when you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you're going to get the complete iOS iWork suite, as well as iMovie and iPhoto, for free. This is a great move by Apple and I wouldn't be surprised if the same deal was announced for iWork for Mac when Mavericks is released.

Release dates

Pre orders for the 5C and 5S open on Friday. iOS7 will be released the the public on 18th September, two days before the new iPhones.

You can watch the announcement here.