Robb Knight

The State of Passbook in the UK


As you probably know, Passbook support is a little bit sparse in the UK at the moment.

Yesterday, the Eventbrite app got updated to support Passbook which is great news for anyone who uses the service. But what about the somewhat more day-to-day apps? I searched around, or asked directly, to get some answers.


”We don’t have any information as yet”


”Hi James, passbook on ios6 does look exciting and we’re looking into it’s opportunities, so watch this space :) ^SD”

American Express (which already has Passbook support in the US):

”Hi there Andy! Regrets, at this time we do not have any information in regards to AMEX Pass in the UK. We will update you if avail.”

Costa Coffee:

”not as yet :-( this is something we are reviewing - Thanks Hannah”

”this is not something that has been confirmed unfortunately, hopefully it may be something that is implemented in the future.”

British Airways:

”…That’s something our team are currently looking into. Thanks.”

Promising, but when asked about an ETA:

”Not yet but we are certainly aware of the interest.”

Starbucks (US account):

”Updated to iOS 6? Our Passbook update is coming at the end of this month! 00111010 00101001”

That was on the 21st of September. Although judging by some of their tweets, it seems it might be stuck in review. I have been unable to find any information as to whether this update will support the UK as well. From the Starbucks UK account:

”Not too much to ask! We’re working on it.”

Somewhat inconclusive.

There is some hope, however. Amsys are sending Passbook passes when you book a training course with them and I did find an online Passbook coupon from Odeon, so there are a couple of companies who “get it”. Hopefully, more companies will begin to understand how important this could be to thier business, we’ll start to see the Passbook page populated with more than just airlines and that one hotel company. If there’s any apps, services or other Passbook related paraphernalia I may have missed, drop me a message on Twitter or