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The "Best" Tweets


A few days ago James Thomson posted that you can find your tweets based on how many likes they got with the following link (switching my username for yours):

I think it's very likely my account will be deleted at some point so I figured I'd have a little look at my best tweets and archive them here (I am using "best" in the loosest possible way here).

Back to the Future Day tweet - 2015-10-21 (link)

This has a typo that will haunt me forever (should be "Emmett" not "Emmet").

“Are you Marty McFly? I’ve got something for you”

opens letter

“Emmet Brown would like you to join his professional network on LinkedIn”

I also did the same tweet a totally original tweet when GDPR caused everyone to send a thousand emails (link).

“Are you Marty McFly? I’ve got something for you”

opens letter

“Please confirm you want to continue to receive letters from Dr. Emmett Brown”

Alt Key - 2016-08-21 (link)

The alt symbol (⌥) is like a track switch. An alternate route. Alt.

Mind blown.

Dark Pattern - 2018-05-27 (link)

This “no I hate myself” pattern is horrible.

Boris × Thanos - 2022-10-20 (link)

I didn't make this image. I had the idea and then grabbed the image from this tweet.

"You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me"

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