It’s been seven weeks since the last episode (thanks ) but we finally got back to recording @ruminate

162: A Small Human in My Home ruminatepodcast.com/162/


Do you like me? Or perhaps you like @johnvoorhees? Or BOTH? Well I have got a podcast for you. ruminatepodcast.com/160/

I even do an impression this week.


Do you like me? Or perhaps you like @johnvoorhees? Or BOTH? Well I have got a podcast for you. ruminatepodcast.com/160/

I even do an impression this week.


Great discussion about Mastodon this week on Rocket relay.fm/rocket/425


Listening to @connected this week 🦵👑

A shelf with a tape measure and headphones on it.

Oh cool the Mac 30th Icons were Leo's pick this week on MacBreak Weekly twit.tv/shows/macbreak-weekly/ (around 1:50)


“We’re on the don”

I’m dead.


🎙️ Ruminate 159 - Memoji Meeting

RIP to the Playsation Plus collection, Hi-Fi Rush, The Last of Us (game), and we go on a tear about Apple products.

Follow the podcast at @ruminate@masthead.social

🎙️ Ruminate 158 - I Couldn't Be Less Excited

HomePods, the death of third-party Twitter apps, and The Last of Us.

This was a fun one mostly mostly because I needed to talk to someone about The Last of Us.

Also, we have Mastodon account now: @ruminate@masthead.social

A deserted forest with Ruminate Podcast in the Last of Us font

I just found out Overcast has an export of listening history which of course meant writing a script to parse it so I can do this on a regular basis. Guess I'm gunna backfill my blog as well with...~1400 episodes.

Brian Hamilton and Ben McCarthy have a Last of Us podcast starting this week, I can't wait. The trailer episode was very good.

🎙️ Ruminate 157 - VR Feedbag

It's John's birthday and CES week! How's your CES? Some Mastodon and omg.lol discussion as well.

File this tentatively under "old men yell at clouds".

We have a new website and feed so if this doesn't show up for you, please shout at me.

🎙️ Building a Podcast Site with Eleventy.

I moved Ruminate's site from Simplecast to my own solution with Eleventy.

A screenshot of Ruminate's website showing 5 buttons for subscribing to the podcast on various services. It also shows the title of an episode called For Listeners Only and an audio player

New Ruminate site is live and (hopefully) working properly. The feed has been redirected so if you're already subscribed, you shouldn't need to do anything.

Uh oh, time to do DNS things. This never ends well.

Totally not related: Ruminate's website might be down for a bit.

Has anyone moved away from a hosted podcast solution to something they're running themselves like a static site or something? Ruminate is using Simplecast right now but I'm sure we don't really need to be paying for it given the size of our audience.

Viticci on Twitter, Connected Pro 428:

I really don’t feel like I want to contribute anything, not even my links

Couldn’t agree more.

Denny Henke on the latest episode of Ruminate:

a proper, thoughtful discussion about Mastodon

Thanks @Denny 😊

ATP on Mastodon

Listening to the discussion about Mastodon on this week's ATP it seems like none of them know what it is they want from a Twitter alternative which makes Mastodon/Micro.blog seems unappealing to them.

For me I was done with contributing my content to someone elses platform which is why I chose M.b over Mastodon. Mastodon has the same problems as Twitter in terms of content ownership - looking through my tweet archive I can see multiple attempts over the years of me trying to control my content better and none of them ever stuck.

This is 🔥

Scrubs rewatch show with Zach Braff and Donald Faison? I'm in.

Preparing the Way. 2 hours of buying a fridge. Incredible.

Not sure how I missed this Futurama Radio Show when it came out but this was a lot of fun to listen to.

Max's Serial-style podcast on this week's episode of Do by Friday is the best thing ever created. Might as well stop all podcasting now.

The Incomparable Summer of Marvel was so much fun to listen to.

Reconcilable Differences 2018 Members Special with Todd Vaziri as a guest, excellent episode.

You need to be a Relay FM member to access this episode.

Joe and Dan finally did the entire Back to the Future trilogy and it was wonderful.

I've never watched the American version of The Office because I was concerned about how similar it would be to the UK one. With this new addition to the Tiffany Arment Podcast Universe I decided to give it a go; more for the podcast than the show itself and I'm very glad I did.

Top Four Tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Top Four continues to be one of my favourite shows. There's even a video to go with this episode.

My top four:

Two out of three ain't bad

Top Four Summer Songs. This was a fun episode.

Oh hey there Myke and Viticci

Holy crap the ATP shirt is comfy

Remaster, Connected, Cortex

“I need a website”

“You should use Squarespace”

“What’s that?”

deep breath

“Squarespace is the all-in-one platform that gives you ev…”

Selfie time