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likes Simple Plan. Calms her right down.


Happy May 16th everyone! 🎸 youtube.com/watch?v=8d7G6poJd5


Cover band is covering Basket Case, Billie Joe is in the crowd and comes up on stage to join in👌 tiktok.com/@greenday/video/723


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It's a Simple Plan kind of day


New album: Best of... 20 Years and Counting by Allister


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This 2002 demo version of Faint is a banger music.apple.com/gb/album/faint


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Why did no one tell me McFly had a new album coming out?!


Now playing More the Victim by LINKIN PARK


New album: Don't Mind If We Do by Bowling for Soup


New album: It's Just a Stage We're Going Through by Punk Rock Factory


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Someone ripped Bowling for Soup's Drunk Enough for Demos album and uploaded the MP3s. reddit.com/r/bowlingforsoup/co

I've been looking for a rip of this for years.


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New album: Tell Me I'm Alive by All Time Low


New album: Tell Me I’m Alive by All Time Low


Story of the Year's new album is out in full now too 🙌 music.apple.com/gb/album/tear-


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If someone wants to buy me this I won't complain amazon.co.uk/METEORA-20th-Anni


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Not even Bowling for Soup can make "Flowers" a good song music.apple.com/gb/album/flowe


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Another is upon us. Biggest one for me this week is the 20th anniversary (😱) of Meteora. That album (plus the new track they released) is a proper banger.

Make your own: tapmusic.net

A grid of 15 albums

New album: Untitled Mixtape by Carousel Kings


A grid of 15 albums I've listened to in the last 7 days.

Now playing Lost by LINKIN PARK


Some excellent albums out today:

- Paramore: music.apple.com/gb/album/this-
- You Me at Six: music.apple.com/gb/album/truth
- Pierce the Veil: music.apple.com/gb/album/the-j


Now playing Just a Call Away by Dont Panic


New Linkin Park track “Lost” which was cut from Meteora youtu.be/7NK_JOkuSVY


Now playing God Bless the 90's Kids by You Me At Six


And here’s my threads so far:

2023 Albums musicthread.app/thread/2L6LZz6
2023 found tracks musicthread.app/thread/2L6IuBP


🎵 New post: Add to MusicThread Shortcut rknight.me/add-to-musicthread-

MusicThread by @edwellbrook is great and I needed a quick away to add to threads from MacOS


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😱 🎵 New Found Glory have a new acoustic album out

I have no need for this at all but Sony's new Walkman looks gorgeous 😍

A Sony Walkman on a table with a touchscreen showing a now playing screen

🎵 "Status Quo do have some bangers" I thought to myself as I turn into one of those characters from Animorphs but instead of an animal my final form is my dad.

🎵 Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) - Linkin Park - ★★★★★

Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) - Linkin Park poster

via Lantern

🎵Last.fm 2022 report is up

A grid of Last.fm stats for 2022 with top artist Punk Rock Factory, top album Hamilton, and top song Superman by Goldfinger.

Top Albums December 2022

Love Sux (Deluxe) - Avril Lavigne

Meteora (Deluxe Edition) - Linkin Park

Never Look Back (Deluxe) - Goldfinger

Masters Of The Uniwurst - Punk Rock Factory

Kings of the New Age - State Champs

Last night I did Faint by Linkin Park with a friend on karaoke. Felt like I’d be training for that moment for the best part of 20 years.

Sleeve 2 is out and it has hot keys 🙏 plus theming and a bunch of other good stuff. Can’t wait to try this out when I get home.

✅ Task 3 done: Set up a script to get my top albums for the month from Last.fm and post them here. Will run for the first time on the 1st of January, in theory 🤞

Related: someone posted about a Last.fm roundup webapp (a la Spotify Wrapped) the other day if anyone has the link.

My Favourite Albums of 2022

It's been a really good year for music especially for artists I've been listening to for years.

The released tracks on Story of the Year's new album are fantastic. I can't wait to hear the rest of them.

Finally I discovered Never Look Back by Goldfinger. Apparently it came out in 2020 and I completely missed it. There's a great version of Here In Your Bedroom featuring Avril on this deluxe version of the album.

My Music Replay 2022

Apple Music Replay is a vast improvement on last year. I grabbed some of the data so I have a record of it (I have no idea if you can access a previous years data or not).

No suprises Hamilton is top again with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr. taking 2 of the top artist spots. Combined, they take the real top spot.

I was in the top 100 listeners for Punk Rock Factory and Goldfinger.

3695 songs

696 Artists

Top artists:

  1. Punk Rock Factory - 4,447 minutes
  2. Goldfinger - 3,354 minutes
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda - 3,292 minutes
  4. Linkin Park - 3,046 minutes
  5. Leslie Odom, Jr. - 2,886 minutes
  6. Simple Plan - 2,303 minutes
  7. Bowling for Soup - 2,015 minutes
  8. Machine Gun Kelly - 1,920 minutes
  9. Avril Lavigne - 1,837 minutes
  10. MC Lars - 1,772 minutes

231 Albums

I have no idea how it works out the play count on albums but I assume this is individual tracks so I've worked out the times I've played an album based on this. Apple doesn't give numbers for albums 6-10.

Top Albums:

  1. Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - 1,581 plays / ~35 times
  2. Never Look Back (Deluxe) - Goldfinger - 1,099 plays / ~57 times
  3. Harder Than It Looks - Simple Plan 503 plays / ~50 times
  4. Love Sux - Avril Lavigne - 464 plays / ~38 times
  5. Just Woke Up - Jaret Ray Reddick - 448 plays / ~37 times
  6. Tickets to My Downfall (SOLD OUT Deluxe)
  7. RECHARGED - Linkin Park
  8. Kings of the New Age - State Champs
  9. With Sprinkles - Beefy
  10. Single and Famous - K.Flay and MC Lars

I just realised Breathe samples What’s the Difference and I can’t believe it’s taken me the best part of 20 years to notice.

I don't usualy post these but I'm kinda impressed with myself getting today's Heardle in one go 🎵

New Blink tour and album.

I can't even right now.

Spotify on Twitter:

wanna know what songs would save YOU from vecna? head to your Upside Down Playlist on Spotify wanna know what songs would save YOU from vecna?) to find out. The first Song on the list = your savior song

I got The Middle - Jimmy Eat World 👌 That'll work.

Punk Rock Factory covered Running Up That Hill and managed to make it a not mind-numbingly boring song 🤘🎵

Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen - Fuck You at Glastonbury 2022

This is excellent 🎵

New Lit album is out: Tastes Like Gold 🎵

While I'm talking about music, the amount of 20th anniversary versions of some of my favourite albums that are now being released is making me feel very old. I do like this cover for the Let Go anniversary though 🎵

🎵 Some new music I'm enjoying at the moment:

🎵Simple Plan's new album is so good. Same vibe as Still Not Gettin' Any.

🎵 Don't Panic's photo from last night featuring a very blurry version of my partner and me.

Bowling for Soup acoustic set was fantastic 🎵 👌

🎵 There's a new Punk Rock Factory Disney album out today!

If you like Disney songs, punk rock, or both then this (and their previous Disney album) is for you.

New MC Lars album is 🔥️https://album.link/i/1596846436

Booo Bowling for Soup gig has been moved to next year 😭️ thanks brexit covid

Born too late to explore the world, also born too late to have been the rapper who no one knew the name of in an early-2000s boyband

Accidental Panic at the Disco

Short playlist

Having "Where Is the Love?" on a Justin Timberlake playlist is disingenuous at best send tweet

“Better than the theatrical cut” is a pretty low bar tbh

Taylor Swift out here putting out a couple of albums in a year and I put trousers on at least a few times so yeah we're both pretty successful in our respective fields

Year 3000 is the best pop song ever written.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Sounds about right

My Spotify Wrapped: 2018 or 2003? https://spotifywrapped.com/share/fd8a1353f8

Who decided to call the Dre/Iovine documentary “The Defiant Ones” and not “Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them”?

I listened to 18,958 Minutes of music in 2017 🎧 https://2017wrapped.com/share/en/-L-aImajcScKjb5lW3aS

it me

Oh hey there @radweb


If Avril Lavigne had a song about cache invalidation and naming things, she’d have a song for every one of life’s problems.

Representing for the catholics all across the world,
Still hitting them corners in the Popemobile girl


iTunes festival