New game added to my collection - A Hat in Time 🎩 🪄

A Hat in Time a PS4 game
Last of Us Episode 7 (spoilers)

Top: My screenshot from the game
Bottom: TV show

Top image merry-go-round from the Last of Us game. Bottom image merry-go-round from the TV show.

"Jury's still out but you can't deny that view"

Joel and Ellie looking towards the Capitol building

With that last blog post I also pushed some new updates to my site. Trying to move my data out of apps/sites they don't need to be in, I've added my game and Lego collection.

A grid of PS5 gamesA gallery of three Lego vehicles. A Ferrari, a London bus, and a Mustang

See you in 10-20 hours.

A screenshot of Ellie that has text over it that says The Last of Us

This also marks an interesting point me for: this is the first game that's availabile phyiscally that've I've bought digitally.

I know that's the way the industry is going and I held out as long as I could but I couldn't resist this edition (which comes with a code not a disc).

The Last of Us Firefly Edition

A white carboard box with the cover art for The Last of Us on the frontA steelbook with Joel and Ellie on the front4 Last of Us comicsA screenshot of PS5 dashboard and the Last of Us is downloading

I haven’t played any games in while so I’m excited to dig into The Last of Us Part 1 this weekend 🎮

On principle I didn't want to buy the EU version of The Last of Us Part I Firefly Edition because it doesn't come with a disc, but I need to accept digital is the way all games are going now. Also I really wanted that steelbook.

The Last of Us firefly edition box and steelbook show Joel and Ellie on the cover

Brian Hamilton and Ben McCarthy have a Last of Us podcast starting this week, I can't wait. The trailer episode was very good.

Bye Almanac, Hello Lantern:

I've missed being able to quickly search for a movie or TV show to grab the year or link when posting to Micro.blog. Which is why I built Lantern.

Saying goodbye to an okay blogging platform with an excellent name and replacing it with Lantern.

A screenshot of Lantern showing a search for The Last of Us, a search result with year and an image, and a box with the markdown in it to post to micro.blog

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores trailer.

This looks great, can't wait.

exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console

Not suprised about this, the game was supposed to be PS5 only originally anyway.

🎮 My Office Setup

Originally posted in MacStories Weekly in April.

Last of Us final trailer

This show is going to break me. Looks like Pedro Pascal is gunna nail it.

After watching IGN's Midnight Suns review I'm sold. This looks like a lot of fun.

The Last of Us: Escape the Dark just launched on Kickstarter.

FIFA 23 - Official Ted Lasso Trailer

I guess I'm buying a Fifa game for the first time since 1996.

I added Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to my wishlist a few days ago and yesterday it went on sale.

Not sure what else to do with my new found power.

I know it's free with PS++ (or whatever it's called) but I had to preorder a physical copy of Stray for my collection. Knock things over as a cat in a cyberpunk distopia with robots? Sold.

Sony's new gaming monitor, the INZONE M9, looks great.

Now to juggle the budgets so I can buy one.

Tony Hawk Confirms Plans for Pro Skater 3 + 4 Remake Were Abandoned After Blizzard Merger

This makes me so sad. The 1+2 remake was incredible and I really thought they were onto something good. Screw you Blizzard.

The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PS5 in September. According to the trailer it's fully rebuild for PS5.

I will 100% be buying this.

Played Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. Better than the first one in every way. The ability to climb basically anywhere is great and I spent way more time changing the color of outfits than I should have done.

Playtime ~60 hours.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Squad Goals

Played Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5. Tried the trial, this isn't for me.

Played Vice City: Definitive Edition on PS5. The improvements from 3 are way bigger than I'd remembered:

The missions are generally better in this than 3 as well.

Fuck this trophy.

The Last of Us (2013)

"Like a giant metal hippo"

My very talented and handsome friend made a video about why they love Forza Horizon 5 and now I want to buy an Xbox Series X so I'll send them an invoice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWtwDqfnqlw

Stick around for the name rant in the middle, it's 🔥️

Played Deathloop on PS5. I enjoyed this but it didn't live up to the hype. Definitely not GOTY for me.

oh hello there

Very happy with these 🎮💜🧡

It’s a lovely day in the village…

Played Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PS5. This game looks incredible but I think the biggest part of it is the resistance on the triggers; every weapon legitimately feels different.

Oh hello there

Played Control Ultimate Edition on PS5. This was a hell of a lot of fun. The ashtray maze was incredible, it reminded me of the Matrix lobby scene.

Who had “everyone is horny over some big resident evil lady” on thier 2021 bingo card?

Played Destruction Allstars on PS5. Need to give this 6 months to see if they add anything else. Right now it feels shallow and kind of boring.

Played Skate on Xbox 360. This is really hard to get the hang of, especially with ~20 years of THPS muscle memory but once I did, I really enjoy just skating around.

Played Immortals: Fenyx Rising on PS5. Despite the similarities between this and Breath of the Wild, I really enjoy this (where I disliked BotW).

I hit some issues that needed a restart a couple of times and it doesn't have the polish of a "real" PS5 game but I had a ton of fun playing this.

Played Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS4. Someone finally remembered Tomb Raider is supposed to be about tombs.

Played My Friend Pedro on PS4. This is ridiculously fun, although I’m not a massive fan of Pedro’s levels.

My Friend Pedro is amazing. I shouldn’t have waited this long to play it.

Played Unravel Two on PS4. This game is gorgeous.

Played Untitled Goose Game on PS4. This was fun but very short. Not sure it's worth the full price.


Played Bugsnax on PS5. This is a lot of fun and feels like if the Pokémon catching gameplay had actually progressed it the last 20 years. I have some issues with it (no fast travel, a lot of loading screens, mission design seems messy) but overall I enjoyed it.

The story definitely didn't go where I expected it to.

Bugsnax is a horror game

Played Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5. This is a really solid platformer with a lot of variety. The music levels are a particular highlight.

Played Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5. This is a lot shorter than the first game but that works in it's favour: no more sneaking as MJ or doing dumb circuit board puzzles.

Played Astro's Playroom on PS5. This is a hell of a lot of run to play and is an excellent way to demonstrating what the DualSense can do.

Played Ratchet & Clank on PS4. I'd forgotten just how fun these games are and now I'm even more excited for the new one.

One week to go

Played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (100% Goals) on PS4. This is the perfect remaster. It's exactly like I remember it (it's not, the originals look terrible now) and adds a lot of modern touches that make sense and make this properly complete game. I'm going to be doing the challenges for a long time. The new soundtrack is incredible as well.

Played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 on PS2. This is a big change from the first three. Way more goals and the difficulty it way higher.

Played Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PS4. This is a lot of fun, but I hope there's some more variation added soon otherwise it's gunna get old fast. There's also a lot of luck required in addition to skill, which can make it a bit frustrating. Also, fuck the match the fruit level, it sucks.

Understanding The Last of Us Part II. Girlfriend Reviews is one of the best channels on YouTube.

The Last of Us Part II

Played The Last of Us Part II on PS4. Update: After speaking with Keenan I changed my mind about the order of the chapters.

After I finished this I looked up what the controversy was about this game because I honestly didn't know what I was supposed to be angry about. Turns out it's just straight dudes being straight dudes on the internet.

I loved every minute of this (despite being deeply stressed during infected sections). The traversal and stealth through areas is massively improved from the first game, the acting is incredible, and the story is just as good as the first one. I think my only complaint is about the order of the Seattle chapters. I would have preferred to play each day of the three day section alternately between Ellie and Abby (like the did for the final chapters when Ellie goes to the boat and Abby gets captured by the Rattlers). I struggled to keep in my head what was going on with Ellie on a specific day in Seattle while I was playing the same day with Abby.

Naughty Dog can do no wrong at this point and I'm very interested to see what their next project is.

Some interesting things I've found since completing the game:

Oh hey there


Played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on PS2. I really hope after the 1+2 remake we get a remake of this one (and 4).

Played Pokémon Sword on Switch. This was really good and they nailed the UK vibe (even if it is a bit over-the-top at times).

Politics in 2019

Played The Last of Us: Left Behind on PS4.

Played The Last of Us (Remastered) on PS4. I'm about 6 years late but it was so worth it.

Turns out The Last of Us is a pretty good game. Someone should have said sooner.

Played Get to Know Me: Video Games (One of those Twitter meme things). Favorite female video game character: Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

A game that's so bad but so good: Bishi Bashi Special, PS1

A game that hit an emotional spot in your heart: Gone Home

Favorite game developer or studio: Naughty Dog

Favorite male video game character: Sully, Uncharted

A game that not enough people talk about: Shadow of Memories, PS2

Favorite villain (Be mindful of spoilers): FizzCo, Sunset Overdrive

Favorite game as a kid: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

5 of your favorite video games: See this post

A game or series that you've never been interested in: Smash Bros

A game that never gets old: Mario Kart

A game that everyone should play at least once: Red Dead Redemption

Favorite genre: Single-player story-driven

That game you REALLY should have played by now: Last of Us

Favorite indie game you played recently: Golf Story

Pokémon Leave and Remain.

Played a bunch of Rocket League today and I’d totally forgotten how much fun it is. It’s easily been a year since I played.

Played Yoshi's Crafted World Demo on Switch. This game is delightful. Pre-ordered the full game immediately.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is delightful and I pre-ordered as soon as I finished the demo.

Played Detroit: Become Human. Damn this was good. Definitely need to play through again and be a bastard this time.

Played Marvel's Spider-Man (The Heist) on PS4. Fuck the guys with miniguns.

That’s a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn

Played Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!. Perfect.

Played Red Dead Redemption 2 (Main Story). I still don't like the controls, but holy shit do Rockstar know how to make a good story.

I've already caught a Pikachu and Bulbasaur so my team is shaping up nicely.

Played Initial Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2. - I think they used the same cougar sound effect from the first one. When I heard it, I had flashbacks

Played Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4. This is an incredibly fun game right from the start. The combat is fun and swinging through the city is amazing. The story is legitimately good and leaves it open nicely for a sequel.

When May said she knew all along I audibly gasped.

I'm convinced that if Insomniac hadn't made Sunset Overdrive, this game wouldn't anywhere near as good as it is.

Played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Donkey Kong Adventure) on Switch. Not as good as the main game but still pretty enjoyable.

Played Toad Treasure Tracker (Demo). I really enjoyed playing the three demo levels while in handheld but in docked mode, the motion controls are massively annoying; it'll be impossible for me to play like that. I'll still get the game, but it'll be handheld all the way.

Played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Main Story) on Switch. I wasn't sure if I would like this game that much but it's a lot of fun.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! - Nintendo Treehouse. I complained on Twitter about motion controls in this game, but after watching this video I don't care. I want it now.

Waiting for Brian Hamilton to finish a race


Played #GameStruck4. - Mario Kart 64

Other contenders:

You: Mario Party is the best party game

Me, an intellectual:

Played Golf Story on Switch. I didn't actually finish this because I don't have the patience for the last tournament, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game.

Played Life is Strange on PS4. Lots of problems with animation and frame rates, but the story and game mechanics are fascinating.

Frozen Wilds finished #PS4share

Played Horizon: Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds on PS4. An amazing addition to the main game. Hard as hell though.

why #SuperMarioOdyssey #NintendoSwitch

Happy with that :D #SuperMarioOdyssey #NintendoSwitch

It’s not stupid if it works

I miss game manuals

Played Super Mario Odyssey (Main Story) on Switch. This is going head-on against Jak and Daxter as my favourite platformer ever. Everything about this game oozes quality.

My only complaint is the requirement of motion controls for some sections of the game. Perhaps someone at Nintendo should have tried to complete the game without using them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Trailer. Gimme gimme gimme

Played Uncharted: Lost Legacy on PS4. Perfect. My favourite Uncharted game.

1989 Nintendo Ad.

They didn't have cameras yet apparently.

Finally #Kickmen

Played Behold the Kickmen on macOS. Despite starting as a joke, Behold the Kickmen is a really fun game with a ridiculous story that I actually found myself caring about.

w o w #Kickmen

👀 #Kickmen

Played Firewatch on PS4. Mostly boring story and constant frame rate drops. Nope.

I didn't plan for how big this was

Played Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4. One of the best games I have ever played. Amazing characters, beautiful world, great story. If you have a PS4, you must play this.

omg this game

10 hours in, this is all I've unlocked of the map. This game is huge.

#HorizonZeroDawn #PS4share

#HorizonZeroDawn #PS4share

#HorizonZeroDawn #PS4share

#HorizonZeroDawn #PS4share




Siracusa was right.

Played Gone Home on PS4. Wonderful. Everyone should play this.

Played Journey on PS4. What a fantastic experience.



He doesn't make this easy

Played Trials Fusion on Xbox One. Pretty good. Gets impossibly difficult really quickly though.

Played Lego Harry Potter 1-4 on PS4. Despite the infuriating bugs that exist from the PS3/360 version, this is still a really fun game.

Played Unravel on Xbox One.

Played Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens on PS4. Easily the best Lego game to date.

brb upgrading my ram

Played Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One. A bit of a let down after playing Uncharted 4, but a really enjoyable game.



All the colours

Played Uncharted 4 on PS4. Amazing, beautiful game. Probably my favourite of the series.

Catching ‘em all


Struggling to catch this Pidgey.

Checking out that Pokémon game everyone’s been talking about

Sorting out my PS2 games. 🎮

No idea what Pokémon this is

Pair 2 has entered the game

I wanted more 🎮

Oh hi there


Hours of playing Uncharted have been training me for this moment.

Uncharted 4 is such a beautiful game.


Played Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One.

Played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD on Xbox 360. The levels looks great but this does not play as well as the originals.

Played Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360.

Played Tomb Raider on Xbox 360.

Played Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360.

Played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PS2.