My first homemade pizza vs now, just over a year later

A very misshapen pizza A round pepperoni pizza

This weekend’s batch of pizzas. Pizza one is four cheeses, pepperoni, candied jalapeños, and hot honey. Second is four cheeses and ham.

The difference quality ingredients has made is huge.

A pepperoni pizza A ham pizza

That’ll do

A ball of dough in a plastic tub. A ham and cheese pizza

Tried one of these last night. It’s was pretty good as frozen pizzas go and it even has a little tube of chilli oil.

A Zizzi frozen piccante pizza

Just had a great meal at Spoon. I think I ate my body weight in satay chicken and ribs.

Hula Hoops Flavarings Spicy

Not as spicy as I'd like, a bit more crunch would be good. Still a good flavour though.

Crisp reviews are happening. Starting with Fuego Takis and a memorial review of Brannigans Beef and Mustard; posthumous lifetime achievement award for best crisps ever. Why? Why the hell not.

I even built a litte tool to generate the markdown for the ratings.

I have to make this a tradition now - the Christmas tomahawk steak (my friend brought this with him for us)

Here we go.

☕️ 🍰

Takis Fuego

Finally tried these after @johnvoorhees@macstories.net recommended them months ago.

Fuego indeed 🔥

It's Christmas which can only mean one thing: sausage rolls (and cheese straws).

Uncooked sausage rolls on baking traysCooked sausage rolls on baking trays

Todays lunch was a delicious chicken, stuffing, and gravy baguette 🥖

Starting the weekend right

Probably the last Ooni session of the year before the weather turns

This is the best pizza I’ve made in the Ooni so far 🍕

Decided to splash out on some Marks and Spencer hot dogs yesterday. Easily the best hot dogs I've ever had.

This strawberry and white chocolate flapjack I had today was incredible

Couple of batches of sausage rolls made on my lunch break

  1. Put sausage meat in pre-made puff pastry
  2. Brush with egg
  3. ~25 minutes/until brown in the oven
  4. Eat sausage rolls for days

📷 Day 19, Indulgence: Birthday cake my mum made me for my birthday earlier this year

Now it’s really Christmas

Attempt number 1, not bad at all.

Where is your god now

Eating like 10-year-old me thought rich people eat.


Christmas dinner is 🔥 this year

Brannigans Beef and Mustard. RIP 🪦

these are the best crisps don't @ me

I spent all my beer money on cheese



Candy floss is the best

Shots of habanero sauce 👌

Cookie time


Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños were incredible, as was the pulled pork

Oh hell yes