My top played track this week youtu.be/9PhtxqKLvVc Thanks


had fun at the park until it got really windy

A baby on a pink blanket on grass

😱 Solo dadding for the first time today


likes Simple Plan. Calms her right down.


It’s been seven weeks since the last episode (thanks ) but we finally got back to recording @ruminate

162: A Small Human in My Home ruminatepodcast.com/162/



A baby looking at a cat

I warned him about curiosity

A cat on a bedside cabinet looking down at a baby in a Moses basket

Got a preview shot from the photo shoot this morning

A baby bundled up in a ball with a flower headband

Chris from Parks and Rec looking in a mirror saying stop pooping

If there’s a cliche photo to be taken, my partner has that shit on lock (we’re finally home 🙌 )

A man walking down a hospital corridor holding a baby in a car seat

I’m not gunna post loads of photos of but good lord look at her grumpy old man face. It’s like looking in a tiny mirror.

A grumpy baby

For everyone asking (y’all are very kind) mum and are fine but staying in the hospital for a couple of days.


That might be the longest I’ve ever stayed awake (36 hours) and of course I couldn’t sleep last night. Now back to the hospital to see .


is here, meet Mia Knight

A baby wrapped in a blanket

The “one last night out before baby” got a bit out of hand. Good practice for still being up at 2am I suppose.


We setup a baby name pool at work, £1 a guess. We have 50 names, £51 in the pot. Someone has guessed the name so no money for me.


Final baby scan went well. She's healthy, albeit a bit of a chonk 🦛


Every bit of artwork on Etsy for a nursery has lyrics from a random song for no apparent reason so I made my own

A nursery with three prints on the wall. One with lyrics from Forgot About Dre, the second with lyrics from Safety Dance, and the third from Never Going to Give You Up.

Breaking news: baby stuff is expensive.


The amount of plastic used for packaging baby clothes is ridiculous.


Starting her off right

A Back to the Future baby outfit

A decision has been made.

It occurs to me when we picked furniture for the nursery that was maybe a 20 minute conversation at most.


More tiny clothes washed

A rack of baby clothes hanging on an airer

is healthy but somewhat larger than expected so she might be making an earlier arrival.

@pseudorizer was right when she said “big-ass baby”


We’ve picked a name now so everything feels even more real.


Today’s gunna be a good day: baby scan, cafe breakfast, then a pub crawl.

Best to get the pub crawl in now while I can.


Starting as we mean to go on: if my partner is uncomfortable because our unborn child is kicking, wriggling, or whatever she’s specifically MY daughter.

I had ice cream for breakfast the other day but sure put me in charge of a baby.

I might be slightly freaking out that we’re going to have a human child in less than 12 weeks. Like, no instruction manual or anything? Seems unreasonable.

100 days to go 😱

My mother-in-law made us an advent calendar of things we’ll need for when the baby gets here 👶

My partner: Shall we book this newborn photoshoot?


Baby’s first book. Totally not just for my amusement.

Baby Knight at 21 weeks 🥰

I think this is the first circle of hell

A colleague:

why did you post such a basic bitch gender reveal image?

Can't argue with that. I was offered gender cannons* at the scan place but I decided that was a bit much.

* I had no idea this was a thing one could purchase.

Got some good news today 💕