Robb Knight

Save Bookmark to Shortcut


I recently signed up (again) to in an attempt to move away from services run by billionare shitposters. I will probably write up a full post about it soon but you can hear me talk about it on episode 144 of Ruminate or view my micro blog here.

One of the features offers is bookmarking of posts and links. After a conversation about using as a read later service and finding the correct API I put together a shortcut to save bookmarks. You'll need to get an access token from the apps settings page.

Download Bookmark on

MacOS shortcuts lacks support for using the sharesheet without a third-party app so instead you can run this shortcut whenever and it gets the current Safari page URL. The iOS version shows up in the share sheet so it can be used wherever you share links.

If there's a way to combine these so one shortcut works for both MacOS and iOS, I'd love to hear it. Thanks to Pratik for showing me how to check the device type and make this one shortcut for both platforms.