Robb Knight

Reminders Alfred Workflow


NB: This workflow has been deprecated and replaced with the Agenda Workflow

tl;dr: Reminders workflow for Alfred. Download it here.

There are a number of workflows available for Alfred to manage Reminders on the Mac and I've tried most of them; none of them do everything I want. Most of them have one of these problems:

I decided to have a go at building my own this weekend (and this evening). I tried a number of approaches including Javascript for automation (JXA) which was too slow and AppleScript which opens the app to access your reminders so is also slow. I then found reminders-cli which is a command line tool written in Swift.

This tool was as close as I was able to get in terms of accessing reminders but it didn't order them by due date, and didn't allow me to view reminders from all lists, only specific ones. I cloned the repo and starting changing some stuff to do what I wanted; I've never written Swift before, so the code is bad. Really bad. I also modified the date parsing script from alfred-reminders, which uses (an admittedly older version of) Chrono but works for this purpose.

After a bit more wrangling of various things like bash, AppleScript, and Alfred's various features like script filters and workflow variables I was able to get something I'm happy with.

Reminders workflow for Alfred

With this workflow you can:

Download Reminders for Alfred.