Robb Knight

New York


I visited my friend over Christmas who is currently working in New York. I had an amazing time and I thought I would recommend some places I visited for anyone who is planning on visiting in the future, as well as to keep a record of what I got up to.


We ate at quite a few restaurants and these three are the ones I would recommend to anyone:


Ignoring the obvious, well-known attractions such as Times Square and the Empire State Building, the High Line was a personal highlight. The High Line is "a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side" and definitely makes a nice change of pace from barging past people on the streets. We took a ride on the Circleline Downtown Cruise which gives great views of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline as well as Ellis Island and Governor's Island. We also did a helicoptor tour which gave spectacular views, but it is a little on the pricy side (~£100 p/person for 15 minutes). And I turned into a little kid when I visited the Nintendo Store at the Rockefeller Center.


Ed was kind enough to lend me his Canon 650D to take photos which was an interesting experience. Apparently, a good camera doesn't make you a good photographer. I got used to it after a couple of days and managed to get a few nice photos which I have posted on Exposure.