Chris and Ben from parks and rec walking in a field with sunglasses on Seabrook loaded sour cream, bacon, and chive crisps A sonic the hedgehog comic that looks like the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Pepe Silvia meme. Robb x and images of the stickers. A glittery one, a We Got Family one in orange, a Ruminate pizza box, and a link to the fundraiser. Background is a pink/orange gradient. A laptop with 4 stickers on it. A glitter A space prami. A We Got Family one. And a Ruminate pizza box sticker. A message thread. 

First message says Every day is two words

Reply says I knew you'd say something about that! A laptop with 4 stickers on it. A glitter A space prami. A We Got Family one. And a Ruminate pizza box sticker. A MacBook with a Ruminate pizza sticker, and a We Got Family NOS sticker plus two black stickers with question marks. A card that says congratulations with an illustration of a married couple. The man has a fancy top hat. A rectangular pepperoni and jalapeño pizza. It is comically large. A children’s book with a cockerel but it’s labelled as cock A hard-cover book titled Where Are Your Boys Tonight? with a photo of Gerard Way on the front A baby on a play mat with a makeshift tent over the top made of a survival blanket attached to a bouncer. A disco light is turned on. A photo of me pointing at a photo of me on the wall A white and black cat lying down in the grass A notification that says 
“Linen is trending. Going fast. Don't miss out.” A kids book spine that says felt flaps and a mirror A woman looking annoyed that says things we actually need. A man looking at another woman that says custom wedding converse. Distracted boyfriend meme. A man and a woman taking a selfie. The man is doing the peace sign. The woman is pouting at her head. A white t-shirt with Mario in a go kart. The red text says crusing down the street in my 64. The movie poster for The Fast and the Furious A jar of Aromat. In the background is some eggs and some breakfast muffins. Pickled onion monster munch flavoured walkers crisps A page from a children’s book that says Q is for equilibrium A page from a children’s book that says X is for coexist A pink baby tutu that says super baby on it A baby on a playmat. A disco light is running to the left of it, and the top is covered with a foil blanket. John Wick Hex PS4 game A list of folders in a MacOS sidebar, each one with a different icon A mastodon profile with my avatar and a header image which has a headline that reads I want whatever drugs Robb Knight is having (except I think the drug is sleep deprivation). An Amazon review that says “Not used to seeing a story primarily in picture form

Surprised to receive a book with pictures and words. Very unusual layout. Pictures are of excellent quality but just not my sort of reading material.
Might be suitable for those who have difficulty with the written format.” Various fruits with faces A MacBook Pro  Black and white cat sleeping on some clothes in front of a washing machine Lego Eldorado Fortress set from 1989 A modern version of the Lego Eldorado Fortress A comic with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kissing on a swing A Lego Hogwarts castle Lucille Bluth saying IT'S ONE API
WHAT COULD IT COST? TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS? A baby on a pink blanket on grass A Hat in Time a PS4 game A meme with King Charles in the top half and Black Panther in the bottom half saying get this man a sheid A very misshapen pizza A round pepperoni pizza A pepperoni pizza A ham pizza A ball of dough in a plastic tub. A ham and cheese pizza Lamb and mint coronation limited edition crisps A pizza oven on a table