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The Last of Us Part II

Played The Last of Us Part II on PS4. Update: After speaking with Keenan I changed my mind about the order of the chapters.

After I finished this I looked up what the controversy was about this game because I honestly didn't know what I was supposed to be angry about. Turns out it's just straight dudes being straight dudes on the internet.

I loved every minute of this (despite being deeply stressed during infected sections). The traversal and stealth through areas is massively improved from the first game, the acting is incredible, and the story is just as good as the first one. I think my only complaint is about the order of the Seattle chapters. I would have preferred to play each day of the three day section alternately between Ellie and Abby (like the did for the final chapters when Ellie goes to the boat and Abby gets captured by the Rattlers). I struggled to keep in my head what was going on with Ellie on a specific day in Seattle while I was playing the same day with Abby.

Naughty Dog can do no wrong at this point and I'm very interested to see what their next project is.

Some interesting things I've found since completing the game: