Robb Knight

Lego Back to The Future Set Review


I love Back to The Future. I even have a DeLorean tattoo. Back in December of last year, Lego announced that that they were going to be making a Back to The Future themed set. On Saturday my Back to The Future Lego set arrived and I opened it like a kid on Christmas morning.

The set has 401 pieces, plus the usual random selection of spares, and a huge instruction manual. A majority of the manual is to construct the DeLorean from the first film with the last few pages showing the modifications needed to make the other two versions. You get both the “OUTATIME” licence plate as well as the barcode one from the future.

The flux capacitor custom brick is great and the time circuit states the destination time, rather than 1955, as 1958 which is the year the first Lego brick was introduced. The gull-wing doors are particularly fun to use, despite not having actual windows in them. They can be a little fragile and tend to fall off if I try and move the set whilst holding them.

The Marty and Doc minifigures have double-sided faces (happy and shocked) and Doc has a double sided body; one side is his lab coat and one is a radiation suit. The figures are slightly too big to fit comfortably into the car, making it somewhat frustrating to close the doors. Although the finished product doesn’t look exactly like the films, it’s pretty close considering it’s made of Lego and if you’re a fan of Back to The Future, you’re going to want this set. I got mine from the Lego online store but it’s available pretty much anywhere Lego sets are sold.