Just Delete Me


After seeing a few tweets about how difficult it can be to delete your Skype account and then hearing that Netflix flat-out won’t delete your details I decided to build JustDelete.me.

JustDelete.Me is a directory of urls to delete your account from web services. (Yes, I am aware how terrible that description is. If you’ve got a better one, let me know). Services are marked either easy, medium or hard depending on how difficult it is to delete that account. Those marked as hard have additional information on how to completely remove your account, such as Skype which requires you to contact customer services to do so.

A lot of inspiration for the site came from Steve Streza’s DevCenter.me and the search functionality is modified from the repository. I thought about just forking the repo and modifying it but the sites are different enough to warrant the time to build it myself. Also, where would have been the fun in that? Ed Poole did a great on job on taking the initial concept and making it look a hell of a lot nicer than what I "designed".

At present there are 16 services listed. If you want to add a new service, drop me an email and let me know. Alternatively, fork the repo on GitHub, add the site to the json file and submit a pull request.

Update: 24 Hours of Just Delete Me