Just 2022 Things


Inspired by Sophie's post I decided to do a little roundup of things I've done the year.

House Project

We purchased our house in November 2021 and it hadn't been decorated since 1971 so everything needed doing; most of this year has been spent getting all the rooms fixed up. In July, we found out my partner was pregnant (🎉) which is very exciting but also added an extra bit of stress to making sure the house was done by the end of this year. Things I learnt how to do:


In February we went to Rome, visited all the normal sites, and ate so much incredible pizza. We stayed right near The Pantheon which was perfect for walking everywhere we needed to go.

In April we went to Bournemouth for a few days and saw Bowling for Soup on the last day.

Right before Christmas we went to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas market (which was a bit disappointing) but we did a tour of the Edinburgh Vaults, rubbed the nose of Greyfriar's Bobby, and visited some great book shops.

We saw a bunch of theatre shows this year as well:


I made a bunch of little plugins/webapps for Micro.blog and the Monzo Pot Image Generator hit over 40k images generated. I stopped using Twitter so I'm using a combination of Micro.blog and Mastodon - the latter is run by omg.lol. omg.lol is such a fun site and has a bunch of services, including a Mastodon instance. You can get it for $5 a year until tomorrow.


I didn't play many games due to the aforementioned home project but I did manage to play through the GTA Trilogy as well as Horizon Forbidden West.


According to Letterboxd I've watched 103 movies this year. Of those, 12 of them came out this year. My favourites of those are:


I didn't watch all that much TV this year but the two stands outs were:


I read zero books this year which is embarrassing, I hope to change this next year. I did start Men Who Hate Women and hopefully will finish it soon.