Robb Knight



I came across Nikita Volodoev's wiki recently when looking for other things and realised this was exactly the type of things I'd been looking for to store snippets, links, and other notes about various things that don't justify a full blog post. And because I'm an idiot I ended up building my own solution with Eleventy. The result is Intersect.

Aside from just rendering a bunch of markdown files it has a number of additional features.

There are a bunch of pages where you can read about what Intersect is and how it works on Intersect itself:

The source code is on GitHub but to paraphrase Andy Bell it's not open source so much as it is free. I doubt this will meet the requirements of anyone else, it's a good base to start with, but any features I add will be because I want them.

There is a companion Alfred workflow that also searches the content and links and can also open the page in VSCode for editing.

I even went full #devsdodesign and made a logo:

Intersect Logo