Robb Knight

Everything Should Have an API: I'm Done with Closed Services


I'm not signing up to any service that doesn't offer at minimum RSS feeds for my data. Ideally an API, even a simple one. No more apps that aren't part of the web. I'm done.

To quote Sophie:

Why bother tracking what you're playing/reading/watching if you can't then do fun stuff with that data?

Is it too much to ask for an RSS feed of listen history from my podcast apps? Every single one of them collects and stores that data but (as far as I know) don't make that data available easily via RSS or an API. One of the apps must have this, please let me know.

There are a loads of mobile apps for tracking game collections, movies watched, habits logged, but most of of them have no way to access the data on the web, let alone programatically; god forbid I want to access stuff from a browser on my Mac instead of using my phone all the time.

I shouldn't need to set a reminder every week/month/year to go and request an export of my data just to have it backed up, posted to my blog, or whatever else I want to do with it.

I'm done with closed services.




@robb agreed! I like automatically posting to Discord what I watch / play when I add it to my Letterboxd / Backloggd, this should always be a core feature of a tracking service like this.

Barry Hess

@robb Heh. League of Comic Geeks were very surprised when I suggested Iā€™d like RSS for my consumed feed.

Silly Customer Service :: Barry Hess ::
Devon Dundee

@robb Hey, my face is on your website!

Robb Knight :prami:

@devondundee šŸŽ‰

Pete Moore

@robb Great work, Robb! On a side note Iā€™m always inspired by your blog theme every time I open your site.

Robb Knight :prami:

@pimoore Thanks Pete thanks really nice of you to say šŸ˜Š

Joe Rosensteel šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ

@robb what is this witchcraft?

Rob Watts

@robb nice! Webmentions are on my list right after I get indiekit working with - great post btw