Enable HDR with PS4 on Hisense H43M3000


My Hisense TV (H43M3000) recently received an update to support HDR, which is something the PS4 supports for some games. After plugging the console in, the PS4 told me my TV doesn't support HDR but after some playing around with settings and ports I managed to get it to work:

  1. The PS4 must be using either HDMI port 3 or 4
  2. Open the TV settings and go to System then the "HDMI & CEC Function" section
  3. Select "Adjust" on the HDMI 2.0 Format setting and choose "Enhanced Format"

Once I restarted the PS4 and TV, HDR was supported (and looked beautiful in Horizon Zero Dawn) 🎉.

nb: I have an original PS4 so I can't confirm if this TV works with 4K on the PS4 Pro.

24/01/2018 Update: I now have a PS4 Pro and can confirm it works with 4K as well.