Robb Knight

Get Safari Tabs Shortcut


For Automation April MacStories ran a contest where people could submit a shortcut and be in with a chance of winning an Analogue Pocket and a Stream Deck.

Until the announcement of the contest I had never made a shortcut but I wanted to enter just for the fun of it (and that sweet role icon in the members Discord). I decided to convert my existing Get Safari Tabs Alfred workflow to a shortcut.

The shortcut gets all currently open tabs in Safari and converts them into one of 6 formats and then copies them to the clipboard

I use the workflow, and now the shortcut, fairly regularly for making shownotes for Ruminate and for adding links to the Intersect.

The shortcut is MacOS only because it uses JXA to get the current tabs and formatting them. I'm sure this could be done with shortcut actions but I already had the existing logic from the workflow and I couldn't see any advantage in converting the logic to actions.

Download Get Safari Links Shortcut for MacOS