Game FAQs


Before YouTube was the go-to place for game tutorials, GameFAQs was one of the only decent places online to get in-depth guides on how to complete games or get cheat codes. GameFAQs only allowed text posts on the site so people came up with interesting ways to navigate chapters and sections in what feels like a precursor to Markdown.

Every guide would have an ASCII art heading and a table of contents with some unique key so you could use CMD/CTRL+F to find the relevant section. Today I remembered my only contribution to GameFAQs was a Fifa Street PS2 guide. I'm pretty sure a lot of it was just copied from magazines and other websites but I wanted to grab a copy of it just in case it ever removed or GameFAQs shuts down. So if that link doesn't work, I've also uploaded the original text file.

I haven't used GameFAQs in a long time but it's nice to know all those guides are still available.


Image from this GTA III guide I remember using a lot.