Import RSS to and Mastodon with Echo


Screenshot of Echo running in a terminal

Update 13/01/23: Echo now supports Mastodon and webhooks as well as Check out the website for more details.

After a conversation with Zoe about, as well as this reply from Markus, I decided to write Echo last night (do I know how to party on my birthday or what?). From the readme:

Echo is a node script to post new items from an RSS feed to already supports importing RSS feeds and handles it very well but I'm a control freak I wanted a bit more control over the formatting as well as assigning categories on import.

Echo takes a config of RSS feeds as well as some formatting functions for items and posts them to I run mine every 15 minutes but you could set it up to run whenever you want. The only requirements are node and npm and a server to run it on (or you could run it on your computer and manually run it as and when).

Download Echo on GitHub