Robb Knight

Calendar Events Alfred Workflow


NB: This workflow has been deprecated and replaced with the Agenda Workflow

tl;dr: Calendar events workflow for Alfred. Download it here.

I released a Reminders workflow a few days ago and while working on that I realised a lot of the code would be reusable for a version to manage calendar events. So I went at it tonight while it was too hot to sleep (it's 3am).

Calendar Events workflow for Alfred

Like the reminders one, it uses an only-for-this-use-case CLI tool which you can view on Github here.

One difference with this one is opening and creating events. I wanted the workflow to stand on it's own but I use Fantastical as my calender so it has two modes: one for default and one for Fantastical. By changing the usefantastical workflow variable events will be opened and created in Fantastical. This is the recommended way of using it.

With this workflow you can:

Download Calendar Events for Alfred.