Building a PiSight


My finished PiSight

During the pandemic Max Braun managed to squeeze a Pi Zero with camera module into an Apple iSight camera. I came across the post a few weeks ago and decided to have a go myself.

Despite the Rapsberry Pi shortage I was able to order a Pi Zero, the camera module, the Pi Zero camera cable, and an iSight. I ordered the 3D-printed internal chassis and this USB adaptor from SGD3D which took about a week to arrive.

I followed these iFixIt teardowns to work out how to take the iSight apart, then looked at the issues on the PiSight repo, and this blog post, to see other people putting theirs together. The main issue I had was having to trimming off the bottom two corners of the camera module to be able to fit it inside the iSight tube. I used showmewebcam for the software, which boots incredibly quickly and makes it very easy to get going.

Once I'd wrangled it all together I used Hand Mirror to check everything was working (the lighting is terrible in this temporary office hence why it's looks so bad):

The chassis

It may not be the best webcam in the world, but it's easily as good as the one I have in my MacBook, and I can move it around wherever I want.

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