Blogs and Wikis and Links


I've been thinking about how better to handle all the different places I'm posting too including this site,, and my wiki. To quote myself:

Starting to think some things I’ve put into my wiki might be better served as a blog post that I just update as and when I find things. The discoverability of pages is kinda crappy for anyone who isn’t me (because I know to go there to look for things)

For example, this page about buying a house. Why isn't this a blog post? It looks just like one, it's unlikely I'm going to buy another house so this is likely to be all I ever write about it. This git page. There's no reason I couldn't have this as a blog post and just update it as I find other things. People are more likely to find it as a blog post than a page on my wiki.

Then there's the opposite: this PiSight page is 100% links. I wonder if a link system with tags would be better than posting to a specific page each time I find a new link. Or I could add the links to the PiSight blog post I wrote.

The Intersect was fun to build but it's complicated. The build process takes a while, making any structural changes is a pain. Something simpler might be better. I should reduce it to the bare minimum of things that I need from it.

Should I incorporate the wiki into my personal site instead of having it on a different domain perhaps? Should I just do more blog posts when I find interesting things and not worry if it's "worth it" to post? Who knows.