Asset Lifespan Spreadsheet


In episode 20 of Hemispheric Views Andrew talks about his asset lifespan spreadsheet which shows the cost of an item, the date purchased, and the cost per week for said item.

I figured I'd have a crack at making my own and after some wrangling with formula in Numbers I was able to get something up and running. The key part was using the DATEDIF function to get how many days it has been since purchase:

=(cost_of_item / DATEDIF(date_purchased, todays_date, diff_type))

=(B3 / DATEDIF(B2, TODAY, "D") / 7) // for cost per week
=(B3 / DATEDIF(B2, TODAY, "M")) // for cost per month

Which gives me an output like this:

Product Purchase Date Cost Cost Per Week Cost Per Month
ATH-M50X 2015-12-13 £85.60 £0.22 £0.96

I don't know what I'm going to do with this information beyond obsess over it but I do know I'm getting my money's worth with those Audio-Technica headphones.