Robb Knight

My Alfred Workflows

Updated 2021-09-21

The workflows below are all built by me using a combination of bash and/or JXA. Some of them will be useful to other people, like the Audio Device Switcher, but others are very specific to me and my setup.

None of the workflows require any additional dependencies with the exception of the audio-related ones which require switchaudio-osx.

If you're interested in the third-party workflows I use, there is a list on GitHub.

View source on GitHub

Useful Resources

Some useful resources for building your own Alfred workflows:

Table of Contents

Agenda - Reminders and Calendar Events

Manage Reminders and Calandar Events

Download version 1.0.1

App Mode

Open apps for different scenarios

Download version 1.0.0

Audio Device Selector

Select and switch audio devices

Download version 1.0.0

Carbon Code

Send clipboard contents to to generate an image

Download version 1.0.0

Common Folders

Open commonly used folders

Download version 1.0.0

Fathom Analytics

View current visitors for your sites

Download version 1.0.2

File Actions

Open folders and files in an editor, Finder, or Terminal

Download version 1.0.0

Finder to Terminal

Open the current finder window in Terminal

Download version 1.0.0

Get Safari Tabs

Copy all current Safari tabs to Markdown

Download version 1.2.2

Hotkey List

List all workflows assigned to a hotkey

Download version 1.0.2


Workflow for searching the Intersect

Download version 1.0.0

Jump List

ZSH Jump list plugin in Alfred

Download version 1.0.0

Monzo Link Generator

Generate Link

Download version 1.0.0

New File in Finder

Create a new file in the current Finder window

Download version 1.0.0

Project Development

Open a projects folder in an editor, Finder, or Terminal

Download version 1.0.0

Search This Site

Universal URL action to search the selected site

Download version 1.0.0


Run Shortcuts

Download version 1.0.0


A TablePlus connection workflow

Download version 1.0

Text Transform

Transform text in various ways or process with TextBuddy (optional)

Download version 1.1.1

Toggle Tunnelblick VPN

Toggle a single Tunnelblick VPN connection

Download version 1.0.0

Toggle Utils

Toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Music, and More

Download version 1.0.0


Removes tracking parameters from links

Download version 1.0.0

Twitter Archive Search

Search your local Twitter archive

Download version 1.0.1

URL Schemes

Show all URL schemes for installed apps

Download version 1.0.0

Workflow Development

Open a workflow's files in an editor, Finder, or Terminal

Download version 1.1.0