Additional Webmention Resources


Some more links and tools I've found or had saved about webmentions. Read my post on adding webmentions here.


Sadly the webapp side of this is down at the moment but the command line tool for sending webmentions is completely standalone.

You can pass the script a url or an RSS feed and it will scan it to find links, confirm those sites accept web mentions, and send those mentions. I ran it once on my whole feed to send any mentions and then added it to my build steps to run it on the latest post:

npx webmention /path/to/feed.xml --limit 1 --send


An eleventy plugin to fetch webmentions and helper methods to display them

Why didn't I look for a plugin when I was doing webmentions? No idea. This is going on my list to review and see if I can streamline my code a bit.


Some other articles I had saved related to this: