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Computers were a mistake


👋 I'm Robb, lead developer at Radweb working on InventoryBase, a member of #DevsDoDesign, an award winning hackathon team, and a podcaster. I also make a bunch of stuff.

You can find me on as @rknightuk, follow me on Mastodon as, PSN, Letterboxd, and more things as rknightuk.

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GitHub now let you add up to four social account links to your profile. I can finally have my GitHub link verified on Mastodon 🎉

Looks like Reeder is what I want. Thanks folks.

Are there any RSS apps on iOS that have more of a Twitter-like timeline where you just scroll new posts in chronological order?

🫠 Computers were a mistake

New Post: Notes on Migrating a Wordpress Site to Eleventy

📷 Latest Photos

Joel and Ellie looking towards the Capitol building
A screenshot of Ellie that has text over it that says The Last of Us
A white carboard box with the cover art for The Last of Us on the front
A cat next to a dead bird
The Last of Us firefly edition box and steelbook show Joel and Ellie on the cover

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Monzo Pot Image Generator

Generate images for your Monzo pots. And now your Stream Deck too.

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Everything I Know. Mostly. A personal wiki built with Eleventy.

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Alfred Workflows

Workflows I've built for Alfred app.

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